Small Business Resources

To know what resources are locally and statewide, ask for our Business Resource Guide. It includes steps to take to write a business and marketing plan.

We also have financial resource information available – from Historic Tax Credit information to grants and low interest loans. Contact the Development Authority of Jasper County for assistance at 706-468-0657.

Applying For A Business License

Before you launch your new business, you’ll need to apply for a business license with your city or county. The process of starting a business is often complicated.  Click here for Georgia GOV website for more information about applying for a business license.

  • In some cities and counties, you’ll first need to secure a state tax identification number, a trade name registration and zoning approval for your business location. Additionally, your business may also need to apply for corporate registrations, professional licenses or other special operating permits prior to application.
  • To find out more about business licensing in your area, you can visit your local Chamber of Commerce or Development Authority.
  • Visit the First Stop Business Information Center to learn more about starting a business and registering its trade name, fictitious name or Doing Business As (DBA) title.

Payroll or Employment Taxes

Payroll taxes are levied at the federal and state levels. If a company has employees, it is responsible for several taxes that must be withheld from an employee’s paycheck. Tax include:

  • Federal income tax withholding
  • State income tax withholding
  • Social Security and Medicare taxes

For a more complete listing and description on Payroll or Employment taxes on the Federal level, visit, and on the state level visit

Georgia Workers Compensation

For more information about Georgia Workers Compensation – click here

Small Business Assistance

For more small business assistance go to The University of Georgia Small Business Development Center for Business Consulting, Continuing Education, Export Assistance, Applied Research and more. Or call the Athens office at 706-542-7436. Click here for Small Business Development website

Learn more about Georgia’s PROGRAM QUICK START

Also, see Georgia’s website for business resources for their small business segment and more resources.  Business resources are available for companies expanding their business in Georgia, relocating their operations to Georgia, or starting or growing a small business. Click here for Georgia’s Business Resources website

State of Georgia Business Incentives

Click here for Business Incentives Brochure

Click here for information about Small Business Credit Initiative

Northeast Georgia Regional  Commission (NEGRC) 
NEGRC serves 12 counties and 54 municipal governments in the Northeast Georgia Region.  The Agency was created in 1963 to be a focal point for regional issues concerning local government and to be a resource for those governments in a variety of specialized areas.  These include local government planning, economic development, grant preparation, administration, job training, and aging services.  The Northeast Georgia service area encompassed by NEGRC is 3,260 square miles with an estimated population of 584,008.  We hope the information contained in this site is helpful to you in discovering useful information about Northeast Georgia.  All comprehensive plans for the region are available and can be valuable resources for discovering detailed information about the region’s cities and counties

Learn more about workforce development…
Click here:   Workforce Development

Georgia Small Business Lender:  Financing options to start or grow your business:

What businesses are eligible? The applicant must be a for-profit business whose business net worth is less than $15 million and whose after tax income is $15 million or less, on average, for the last two years.