“Team Smithsonian” attended a training session at the Georgia EMC Training Center in Smarr. The Smithsonian Traveling Crossroads Exhibit will arrive in Monticello in December 2019.

Traveling Crossroads – Change in Rural America is an exhibition that examines the evolving landscape of rural America which will tour six communities in Georgia starting in the summer of 2019. The exhibit will be on display in the Chamber of Commerce/Visitor’s Center for six weeks beginning December 9, 2019 to January 11, 2020. This is a free exhibit and will include a display of local history from Monticello-Jasper County. 

Monticello-Jasper County has a rich history of textile mills, railroad, and heritage of generations of family settlements. Our community has a story to tell. The team needs the public’s help collecting artifacts, memorabilia and pictures to display during the exhibit. Anyone who has a story to tell, or items to loan, please contact Mandi Tanner at 706-468-8994. 

Team members include (left to right) Michelle Celani, Judy Hunsucker, Georgia EMC Senior Vice President Bill Verner, Pam Mayer, Linda Aldridge, Mandi Tanner, and Sandra Carter