JCHS biotechnology teacher Elizabeth Proctor was selected as the Biotechnology Teacher of the Year…

Mrs. Elizabeth Proctor has been a high school teacher for 21 years, and had been teaching biotechnology for the past 5 years. She holds a BS in Biology and a Master’s in Education. She holds certifications in STEM and gifted instruction. She is also a certified teacher leader and serves as science department chair and JCHS STEAM coordinator. Currently, she is a Science for the Society and the Public lead advocate. This role involves working with teachers who are mentoring underserved students to compete in science fairs. Elizabeth started entering students in science fairs 3 years ago and was named the 2018 Georgia’s Science and Engineering Fair Inspiring teacher of the year. Her students have found success and are qualifying to participate in the International Science and Engineering Fair every year they have entered. The biotechnology pathway is the reason students are finding success in scientific research competitions.

Pictures with Mrs. Proctor are her biotechnology students Kalyn McMichael and Saniyah Bullard.

Ga Bio held the 30th Anniversary Golden Helix Gala and award ceremony at The Hyatt at Villa Christina. Ga Bio is the state’s largest and most influential life sciences advocacy and business leadership organization working to improve access to innovation technologies and grow Georgia’s life sciences economy. Every year, Ga Bio awards teachers, innovators, businesses and private companies for their contributions to biotechnology in the state of Georgia.