The Jasper County Commissioners were presented a check for $250,000 from Shane Short and Steve Jordan of the Four County Development at their regular meeting Monday evening. The check represents money returned to the county by the authority now that it is self-sufficient, since attracting Shire and Facebook to the Four County Development at Stanton Springs.

The county has invested about $900,000 in the development, and anticipates millions in return over the next 20 years. Mr. Short said the authority is actively marketing more land in the park, and has had a good level of interest. Mr. Short represents Walton County on the Four County Authority, and is the marketing person for the authority. Mr. Jordan is Jasper County’s representative on the authority along with Commission Chairman Carl Pennamon.

Those pictured include (left to right) Mr. Jordan, Mr. Pennamon, Commissioners Don Jernigan and Bruce Henry, Mr. Short, and Commissioners Craig Salmon and Doug Luke.

Mr. Short said that both Facebook and Shire are currently hiring, and said interested people should go to the companies’ websites to apply. He stressed that not all jobs are highly technical; they have positions like any major manufacturing facility.